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Gluten Free Vegan Pumpernickel Bread 2lb Loaf

Gluten Free Vegan Pumpernickel Bread 2lb Loaf

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This wonderfully fragrant bread is loaded with caraway seeds and whole grains, is silky in texture, and delish all by itself or slathered with your favorite spread! Try on a cold sandwich, a hot sandwich(insert gratuitous mention of a giant Reuben!), ripped apart and dipped in your favy dip, or toasted; it is versatile and an amazing treat for those with many food allergies!  We use  organic whole grain flours along with flax seed meal to add enzymes, additional nutrients, and a complexity and richness to the finished loaf. Our signature Pumpernickel Bread comes in a 2lb loaf and packs a protein filled punch!!! Totally toddler approved!!!


Ingredients: Tapioca flour, whole grain teff flour, whole grain buckwheat flour, flax seed meal, evaporated cane sugar, water, raw cacao, caraway seeds, ground coffee, yeast, salt, extra virgin olive oil.