Gluten & Dairy Free Double Dark Chocolate Cake 1 slice

Gluten & Dairy Free Double Dark Chocolate Cake 1 slice

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Amazingly dark and dreamy this chocolate cake is no ordinary chocolate cake! We use only finest fair trade organic cocoa, along with farm fresh eggs,  Death Wish coffee, and fresh vanilla beans to bring you the only chocolate cake you’ll ever need! Topped with a fluffy buttercream, chocolate drizzle, fresh local fruits, and LOVE!!! Each slice is piled high and ready to devour!


gluten free flour, raw fair trade cocoa powder, black cocoa, Extra virgin olive oil, evaporated cane sugar, eggs,  coffee, coconut milk, vanilla beans, baking soda, baking powder, pink Himalayan sea salt, rum. Buttercream: dairy free butter, powdered sugar(evaporated cane sugar, corn starch)coffee, coconut milk, vanilla, sea salt.

*** please allow for variations in fruit type; we purchase all of our fruit from local farmers!***

***if you have a specific fruit allergy, please check with us before purchasing***