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Gluten Free Vegan “The Breadline” Sourdough Bread 2lb Loaf

Gluten Free Vegan “The Breadline” Sourdough Bread 2lb Loaf

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 A "sourdough" is primarily a nickname used in the Alaska for someone having spent an entire winter north of the Arctic Circle and refers to their tradition of protecting their sourdough starter during the coldest months by keeping it close to their body. While we don't wear our sourdough starter under our clothes, we do care for it as if it were the most precious thing around! We feed our sourdough with only the best organic flours! We alternate feedings with organic whole grain Millet and organic brown rice flower to add enzymes, additional nutrients, and a complexity and richness to the finished loaf. Our signature sourdough comes in a 2lb loaf! 


Ingredients: Tapioca flour, whole grain teff flour, sourdough starter(brown rice flour, water), brown rice flour, flax seed meal, evaporated cane sugar, water, pink Himalayan sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, non-gmo yeast, raw apple cider vinegar.