Due to COVID-19, we are no longer open to the public. We can still be found at both Proctor and Puyallup Farmers Markets every Saturday 9-2 for the 2022 season!!!! Please refer to our Instagram or Facebook for last minute scheduling changes.

About Us!

Welcome to The Dancing Bee!!! We are a super small family run and owned business that strives to bring you tasty wholesome goodies every week at various farmers markets and delivered to your door!  We are excited to let you know that our specialty is allergen free baking and offer Dairy, Gluten free, and Vegan options for those that are searching for a little indulgence that can't have traditionally made confections! We are a soy and peanut free kitchen so hooray for that!! Our goodies are made with whole food ingredients that are non-GMO, organic, and nutrient dense! We always try to source our ingredients from local businesses whos' motto mirrors that of our own. We do not use preservatives or any other unnatural weirdness so you are guaranteed only the most fresh and flavorful goodies!

We are apicentric bee keepers which means we take honey bee health and happiness very seriously! All of our honey is raw, local, unfiltered, and only harvested when there is an over abundance! Meaning the bees will always go into the winter with enough honey and pollen to carry them through our harsh mountain winters and soggy springs!  We have over 2000 fruit trees, tons of natural grazing, and purposefully planted gardens for the honey bees to roam! 

To break bread is to affirm trust, confidence, and comfort with an individual or group of people. We believe that bread should be wholesome, delicious, and made from real food ingredients.   We invite you to break bread with us, have a slice with a giant dollop of honey and share in our love of baking.  
 Dancing Bee