Due to COVID-19, we are no longer open to the public. We can still be found at both Proctor and Puyallup Farmers Markets every Saturday 9-2 for the 2023 season!!!! Please refer to our Instagram or Facebook for last minute scheduling changes and special events!!!

Gluten Free Breads!!!

Breaking bread with friends and family is a time honored tradition practiced by countless families, friends, shopkeeps, and individuals throughout history; one does not enter our home without being offered a share of what's been baking in the ovens! We invite you to bring our breads home to your loved ones and start your very own tradition of breaking bread! Many mainstream gluten free breads are grainy, full of holes, fall apart, and are only about 10 ounces in weight. Our gluten free breads are soft, spongy, and pliable like fresh bread should be!  All loaves are made with the highest quality nutrient rich ingredients out there, and are a whopping 2lb loaves! So, don't give up and time honored tradition just because you have an allergy or an intolerance! Autoimmune disorder be damned; we will eat our bread and enjoy it too!!!
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